smart fitting rooms

Smart Fitting Rooms: Mango & Ralph Lauren Get Wise

From RFID sensors to beacons to digital kiosks and signs, IoT in retail is everywhere. Much of the discussion around the Internet of Things (IoT) in retail is about how it will change the customer experience. However, you can also leverage IoT devices as tools to benefit your employees. Smart fitting rooms represent one way […]

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VR Retail Training

Total Immersion: Walmart’s VR Retail Training

Training is a fundamental part of any retailer’s operations. New associates need to be brought up to speed on best practices as soon as possible. Current employees also need to be trained when retailers adopt new technology or best practices evolve. VR retail training is an innovative way for retailers to accomplish both of these […]

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3 (Non-Marketing) Ways to Use Big Data in Retail

One of the factors in the roaring comeback of retail is the increasing use of big data in retail. Despite articles about the impending death of brick-and-mortar at the hands of e-commerce, retail employment continues to rise and sales figures are promising. Now more than ever, retailers are using big data to understand their customers’ […]

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