retail innovations

How International Retailers are Digitizing Customer Experience

US brick-and-mortar retailers at the shores of transformative customer experience innovations might be hesitant to dive in. But that ocean is wide and deep—ranging from solutions that improve operational efficiencies to those that put AI at the forefront of a brand’s interactions with consumers. Here’s a peek at four cutting-edge retail innovations rising to the […]

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convenience store business

How CB4 Keeps Convenience Stores Competitive

One indicator of the health of an industry is the intensity of the competition within it. Nowhere is that truer than in the convenience store business. Relative to other retail channels, the convenience vertical has recently seen tremendous growth. In 2018, a whopping 84% of convenience retailers reported in-store sales increases. Along with this growth […]

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how to respond to negative reviews

Retailers: Use Negative Yelp Reviews to Your Advantage in 5 Steps

A century ago, P.T. Barnum declared, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” In today’s highly charged and highly connected world, dealing with a negative review requires the precision of a high-wire act. One negative review can result in 30 lost customers or provide information to improve the overall business. Many retailers will stop at […]

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top loyalty program

CB4’s 1st Annual C-Store Loyalty Awards

Convenience store chains once thrived on driving impulse buys. Now, successful convenience retailers capitalize on unlocking customer loyalty. Implementing an effective loyalty program enables retailers to retain customers, increase market share, drive higher cart value, and communicate more broadly with customers. To ensure that they can successfully reap these benefits, however, retailers must provide an […]

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