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Urban Outfitters Expands Partnership with CB4 to All Stores to Empower Store Associates with AI

CB4 helps Urban Outfitters improve customer experience and increase sales through solving in-store product buyability issues.

NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — After a successful pilot, Urban Outfitters is rolling out CB4 AI to all 200 North American stores across their chain. Urban’s store associates use CB4’s AI solution to uncover specific products with high local demand that aren’t meeting their full sales potential—prompting store teams to position the products better or make other adjustments to improve product buyability.

“CB4 doesn’t require a store merchandiser or the highest-level visual decision-maker to act,” said Keith Spirgel, COO of Urban Outfitters. “The recommendations are straight-forward, and folks on different levels can identify the greatest opportunities in the least amount of time, which has been very useful.”

Opportunities for improvement involve replenishing products left in the stockroom, resolving out-of-stocks, correcting ticketing and pricing errors, and anything else that makes it difficult for shoppers to easily find and purchase what they want. CB4’s algorithm only generates recommendations for products with very high local demand, meaning that each time a store team acts, they are getting the highest possible ROI from the time they spend.

“In working with apparel retailers, we’ve learned there are countless decisions for store teams to make every day,” said Yoni Benshaul, CEO of CB4. “CB4 AI helps guide store associates to simple actions that lift sales, whether it’s making sure that a specific color is prominently placed on the floor or un-layering something so it can be seen better.”

As retailers reopen stores, they’ll be navigating uncharted territory with reporting tools that rely on historical data—data that goes out the window during a black swan event like COVID-19. In this environment, CB4 technology, which does not use historical data and pulls actionable insights directly from retailers’ POS system, has won over retailers.

Another dilemma retailers face: more work at the store level combined with pandemic-related labor challenges. Many furloughed employees have found new jobs, with less experienced replacements filling their shoes. Retailers use CB4 AI to help novice store associates catch things they might normally miss.

Urban Outfitters joins Lidl, Eroski, and Kum & Go in adopting CB4 over the last few months. Leading grocery, convenience, specialty, and apparel retailers, who operate over 18,000 stores collectively, use CB4 to improve customer experience and net new sales.

Contact: Matthew McAlister, 1-347-819-1900,

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