A New & Better Way to Tackle Floor Execution

Keeping your store managers happy and your customers happier, one AI-powered recommendation at a time.

Issues Spotlight Targets

Let’s rid your stores of these obstacles and more.


It’s on the floor, but your customers can’t see it.


Your signage says one thing, but your tickets say another.


A store manager’s worst nightmare.


You want it, but your vendor’s got it.


The system says one thing, but reality begs to differ.


No price tag? Big problem.


Communication breakdown.

The Impact is High, But The Ask is Low

Here’s how Spotlight works:

Smart Recommendations

Gone are the days when your store managers had to scan the floor to (hopefully) uncover stock and presentation flaws. And other retail analytics tools see a partial picture of your business, triggering alerts with a low hit rate, leading to store manager skepticism. Our propriety machine learning algorithms see the full dimensionality of your chain for recommendations that are spot-on. Spotlight sends store managers to the right place and helps them prioritize the most critical, revenue-boosting tasks.

Stores spend about 40 min. / week on Spotlight
High average hit rate
95% store manager compliance rate on average

“We can create a better experience… by ensuring that we have products our customers want, when they want it.”

Mark Samuels, VP of Retail Operations for Dash In

Easy Implementation

With Spotlight, you don’t have to go to IT with a big ask. This is one value-adding tool that won’t add to their burden. To get started, all we require is your basic, pre-existing POS data. Without any in-store hardware and little training, the app is up and running in days. In stores, Spotlight is easy to pick up and helps new (and seasoned) employees focus on the products that are more important to your bottom line.

Get a proof of concept in days
Onboard up to 300 stores in a day (no joke)
forget costly equipment

“It was one of the simplest implementations our team has been involved with.”

Wade Judd, CIO of Associated Food Stores

Transparency Across Your Chain

Store managers share the issues they’ve uncovered in the app via a simple drop-down menu. The more issues they report, the better honed Spotlight becomes over time. Regional managers track their territory’s success at-a-glance.

84% of users give Spotlight a big thumbs up
Regional dashboard made for multitaskers

“It trains our managers to be better managers throughout the rest of the week, the month, the year.”

Doug Macdonald, Director of Operations at Wilson Fuels

Bottom Line Impact

Spotlight is the only retail execution tool that gives you straightforward reporting to measure the program’s ROI. You’ll see how floor execution is tied to gross margin, and easily understand compliance and hit rate across your chain.

0.5-2% in net new sales
Complete ROI Transparency
Recommendations with a high hit rate

“CB4 provides visibility into the exact impact it has on our stores. And the impact has been tremendous.”

Itzik Uzana, CEO, ACE Hardware

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