About Us

Who we are

We love retail and we love analytics. Even more than that, we love seeing how our solutions change the way our partners and customers do business. We provide our customers with the most advanced machine learning and pattern recognitions solutions out there. With an emphasis on solutions. This means insights translated into actions and ROI measured in a straightforward way.

  • Yoni Benshaul


  • Prof. Irad Ben-Gal

    Co-Founder & Active Chairman

  • Dr. Gonen Singer

    Co-Founder & GM Israel

  • Noam Cohen

    Director of Product

  • Dr. Roee Anuar

    VP Science

  • Morris Amara

    Director of Customer Success

  • Ken Mohring

    SVP of Sales

  • Matthew McAlister

    Director of Marketing

  • Rotem Inbar

    VP R&D

  • Tali Fromer

    Post-Sale Analyst

  • Tali Bar

    Data Scientist

  • Shlomi Yosef

    Web & Mobile Team Leader

  • Shai Harodi

    QA Engineer

  • Orit Reshef

    Software Engineer

  • Ohad Chereshniya

    Director of Finance

  • Noam Aharon

    Software Engineer

  • Amit Shaham

    Post-Sale Analyst

  • Michael Schweibinz

    Account Executive

  • Michal Medina

    HR & Administration Manager

  • Mark Callanan

    Sales Development Representative

  • Lyor Goldstein

    Software Engineer

  • Lee Epstein

    Post Sale Analyst

  • Moshe Levi

    QA Team Leader

  • Joseph Lee

    Sales Development Representative

  • Jonathan Ward

    Account Executive

  • Jessica Vaccaro

    Customer Success Associate

  • Ant Cassetta

    Jr. Data Analyst

  • Ilan Keshet

    Lead R&D

  • Hannah Liberman

    Sales Development Representative

  • Emily Sinzer

    Customer Success Associate

  • Ben Nichols

    Data Science Solution Engineer

  • Aviv Murlakov

    Software Engineer

  • Avi Rozenberg

    Business Development

  • Asaf Ben Oved

    Product Manager & Head of UX