Strategically impact your organization by analyzing POS data

Net new sales between 0.5 to 2%. Correct operational issues affecting products with high local demand, improve customer experience, and inspire brand loyalty.

From Data to Actionable Recommendations

CB4’s software applies patented machine learning algorithms to your POS data to detect in-store operational issues affecting items with high local demand across your entire chain. Our web and mobile app alerts store managers to the issues within their stores, and gives guidance on how to quickly correct them.

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    POS Data

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    in App

  • No In-Store Hardware

  • POC in a Single Day

  • Uses Pre-Existing POS Data

  • Implementation in Days

Discovering Unmet Demand by Patterns

We start by analyzing simple POS data. No customer data is needed, only sales of products at stores. From this data, our solution uncovers consumer demand patterns that indicate high demand for SKUs. These patterns capture demand preferences on a very local level of SKU and store. Once the solution identifies high demand patterns for a particular SKU in a given store, and sees that the SKU is not meeting potential sales targets, an opportunity is uncovered.

From Patterns to Recommendations

CB4's pattern-detection technology uncovers SKUs across your chain with local gaps in demand. By applying machine-learning algorithms, CB4’s solution can determine if the gap in demand is caused by an operational issue, and if so, reveals the statistically most-probable issue affecting sales.

Product not visible

Pricing mismatch

Out of stock

Out of stocks discrepancies

Promotional label missing

Poor adherence to visual directive

Product still in storage room

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Take a look at our full technology overview

Technology Overview

Eliminate the Barriers of Implementation

  • Only a few recommendations a week are sent to stores

  • 95% program compliance rate across all clients

  • POC in a Single Day

  • Onboard a region of up to 300 stores in a day!

Store Managers' Experience

When an operational issue is detected, a recommendation is sent to the relevant store manager with guidelines on how to fix the prevailing issue. Only a few recommendations a week are needed to impact revenue substantially.

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CB4 & Wesco

Established in 1952 with a single store and three used gas pumps, Wesco has experienced continuous growth to include a distribution center, central bakery and deli, bulk fuel and propane business, seven Subway locations, and 52 convenience stores. Family owned and operated under the third generation of the Westgate family leadership, Wesco owes their success […]


“CB4 really understood our business goals. They are not simply a software company, but a partner in our success at Wesco. The execution of the operational and merchandising recommendations of CB4 has resulted in a significant sales gain.”

1.2 % Same-Store Growth
Improved Customer Experience
Improved Availability
Improved Floor Execution

Clean, Straight-Forward Reporting

How do you tie operational tasks directly to ROI? CB4’s reporting suite measures the response & compliance rate for CB4 tasks across your chain, as well as the realized and projected ROI from the program.