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CB4 Named to the 2020 CB Insights Retail Tech 100 – List of Most Innovative Retail Startups


CB4 recognized for their proven success in helping retail store teams generate new revenue with AI 

New York, February 3, 2021 —  CB Insights has named CB4, a rapidly growing retail AI disruptor, to its inaugural Retail Tech 100 ranking, which showcases the 100 most promising B2B retail tech companies in the world.

The 2020 Retail Tech 100 cohort highlights startups reimagining the retail experience, from supply chain automation to cashierless checkout and frictionless retail. 21 countries represented this year include India, China, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, among others.

“The Retail Tech 100 showcases the tech companies that are changing every facet of retail – from store automation to supply chain robotics to personalized merchandise discovery. They address key challenges retailers face today while also helping them adapt and be ready for changing consumer habits,” said CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal. “We’re excited to see the impact the Retail Tech 100 will have on customers, retailers and markets.”

CB4 sends retail store teams after easy, high revenue wins on their floor. In a few minutes, store managers and associates can make simple, in-store adjustments that pay dividends in the form of new sales and more satisfied shoppers. For instance, a CB4 recommendation might uncover an opportunity for an associate to improve a visual display, fix a pricing error, or escalate an out of stock for a high-potential product that’s in demand now at his or her store. Whether a retailer has tens of retail locations or thousands of them, these marginal improvements at scale have a significant impact on bottom line revenue.

Fans of CB4 include grocers like ShopRite and Weis Markets along with household names like Levi’s, and electronics giant Media Markt. “We are thrilled to be recognized by CB Insights,” said Yoni Benshaul, CEO of CB4. “Nearly every retailer we talk to is excited about using AI to ease the workload of their store teams and deliver a better experience to their guests.”


About CB4 

New York-based technology firm CB4 helps thousands of grocery, convenience, specialty and apparel store teams generate new sales with AI. CB4 is a proud partner of Sequoia Capital and Octopus Ventures. To learn more, email 


Matthew McAlister, 347.819.1900

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