Sophisticated (but Simple) AI for Next-Level Apparel Store Operations.

Empower store managers. Delight shoppers. Restore lost sales.

What is Spotlight?

CB4’s solution empowers store managers to correct costly execution problems in their stores, one AI-powered recommendation at a time.

Unlike traditional retail analytics, Spotlight uses patented AI and machine learning algorithms to accurately detect when the most in-demand products at each store are failing to sell to their potential.

Then the solution sends each store or category manager timely recommendations to correct issues on the floor, elevate customer experience, and drive sales by up to 2%.

Our retail partners include:

Product findability is the key to retaining customers in apparel. Our surveys indicate that:

0 %
82.3% of apparel shoppers
have left the store they shop at most often without being able to purchase the product they came for.
0 %
54% of apparel shoppers
who left the store without buying said the product was out of stock or the store didn’t carry it.
0 %
23.4% of apparel shoppers
when they can’t find what they want, head to a competitor, vs. 17.3% who try to shop online with the retailer.

Calculate how much revenue your chain is losing when shoppers can’t find and buy what they want

“The Kohl’s shopper is very mission-driven. Every time that customer shops with us, we want to make sure it feels frictionless and that she can complete the mission."

How does it work?

Spotlight helps brick-and-mortar retailers ensure that the products that local shoppers want are always in-stock and ready to shop and gives them an edge on the competition.

Spotlights’s patented AI algorithms identify products with high hyper-local consumer demand, based on previously undetectable patterns in your POS data.

Spotlight sends store managers notifications when products in their stores are failing to sell to demand.

Next, the app guides store managers as they fix what’s causing low sales.

Store managers restore sales by fixing promotional errors, visual merchandising mistakes, replenishment oversights, out-of-stocks, inventory system discrepancies, and more.

Finally, store managers share the issues they find in stores in the app, and Spotlight uses machine learning to create more potent recommendations over time based on their feedback.

As¸ local shoppers find and purchase the products they want most, you restore sales for the most in-demand products at each store your convenience chain.

Threats to sales: All Stores
These are the issues store managers report across all Spotlight-enabled stores.

Here’s how retailers use Spotlight to drive sales and delight shoppers.