improve pharmacy sales

5 Ways CB4 Improves Pharmacy Same-Store Sales

Among retailers, the pharmacy vertical is perhaps the most competitive and ruthless—acquisitions coupled with the emergence of online vendors mean there are fewer total players on the field, and those that still exist are bloated and fall short on customer experience. For example, while Walgreens’ same-store pharmaceutical sales increased by 5.1% in Q2 2018, their […]

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Top Performers Report

Top Performers Reports, a Retail Blind Spot

Many retailers use a “top performing SKUs” report to some extent. The purpose of these reports is to help store managers figure out if they have an operational or supply chain issue for specific SKUs by comparing how these items perform in their stores compared to other stores. This approach might be as straightforward as […]

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fashion industry technology

How Tech-Savvy Operations Teams Keep Pace in Fast Fashion

Fast fashion retailers exist in an ever-changing world of ephemeral trends. Their operations teams have the challenge of uniquely high product turnover rates, which affect everything from production to pricing. However, thanks to fashion industry technology powered by AI and machine learning, fast fashion operations teams can arm store staff with the information and tools […]

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