top loyalty program

CB4’s 1st Annual C-Store Loyalty Awards

Convenience store chains once thrived on driving impulse buys. Now, successful convenience retailers capitalize on unlocking customer loyalty. Implementing an effective loyalty program enables retailers to retain customers, increase market share, drive higher cart value, and communicate more broadly with customers. To ensure that they can successfully reap these benefits, however, retailers must provide an […]

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employee motivation

How Top Retailers Use Mobile Tech to Boost Employee Motivation

Engaged, inspired employees can make all the difference in the brick-and-mortar environment. But there’s a twist on that road to employee motivation. Creating the right employee experience may well include arming associates with mobile devices to keep pace with their ever more knowledgeable customers. It wasn’t that long ago that mobile devices were considered anything […]

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brick and mortar retail

Why Big Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Are Thinking Small in 2019

After consolidating their real estate empires during the 20th century, big box retailers are shifting their focus to smaller spaces to meet the demands of 21st century shoppers. Early results show promise—the shrunken formats are boosting brick and mortar retail by catering to young, city-dwelling shoppers while cutting costs—and these pilots may prove instructive to […]

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lost sales calculator

The Lost Sales Calculator: What It Is & Why We Built It

At CB4, we live and breathe retail. That means connecting with our customers and other retailers whenever we can to learn about their successes, the challenges their stores face, and how they’re adapting to the demands of 21st century brick-and-mortar. One question we love to ask retail leaders is: “How much revenue does your chain […]

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