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How CB4 Lifts the Burden on Retail IT Teams

Often, it seems like the only path toward retail innovation is one that weighs heavily on your IT team. The technologies promising to transform operations and lift revenue most meaningfully seem to come with the most serious strings attached.

CB4, however, upends this unofficial rule. Our retail solution takes store performance to the next level and has crystal clear ROI impact. Meanwhile we do all the heavy lifting to prop the solution up. Your IT team can sit back and watch the sales roll in.

Sound to good to be true? Let us show you how it works.


Our ask is low from go.

During our free proof-of-concept (POC), we apply CB4’s patented AI algorithms to your store’s pre-existing, anonymized point-of-sales data from the previous 12 weeks. From a data security perspective, there’s nothing for IT to worry about—we just need to know which products sold from which store and in what quantity (no customer data is transferred to CB4). Once we’ve got the raw data, your POC is complete in just two days. This sets CB4’s POC apart from the long and meandering POS processes your IT team may have experienced in pursuit of retail innovation with other vendors.

As part of the POC process, we’ll estimate how much money your chain is losing due to operational issues in stores, how much of those losses CB4 will help you recoup, and share pricing models for your chain. Once you’ve seen our value and signed on, the only thing your IT team needs to do is feed us the raw POC data in whatever frequency your heart desires (usually every two weeks). Most of our clients automate this.

Our algorithms and super supportive CS team do the work from there. In fact, the average IT person will spend approximately zero hours per week sending us the data on which CB4’s recommendations are based. The process is automated and established during the onboarding stage.


We alleviate (some of) the reporting demands.

Retail IT teams are charged with running and enabling seemingly endless reports. This takes a considerable amount of time and synchronization. By the time reports make their way to executive decision-makers, the information is often outdated and opportunities to fix issues or capitalize on sales have passed. More importantly, if they were able to focus their attention elsewhere, your IT team could be working on projects that would have a more meaningful impact on the organization.

CB4 doesn’t add to an organization’s data overload. We take your organization straight from POS data to action, and completely cut out the IT middleman. No one has to analyze data, draw conclusions, derive actions, and send recommendations.

From IT’s perspective, retail innovation with CB4 is totally set it and forget it. We know we’ve done our job when we don’t have to communicate with your IT team ever. We pride ourselves on quietly working away in the background, while the recommendations we sent your stores help them make more money.


We’re cool with an outdated infrastructure.

Sure, we work with some of the most tech-savvy retailers out there. Just ask Levi’s and Barnes & Noble. But we also go to work with organizations that aren’t as technologically optimized, and still help them execute better than their competitors.

CB4 is a very easy way to innovate, even with an infrastructure that’s outdated. Show us a POS system from 1995, and we’ll see one we can integrate with. In fact, we’ll do all the integrations for you. Just feed us your existing, basic POS data and walk away. You don’t even have to install any hardware in your stores. Users can access the app via a mobile device or back office PC.

It’s also worth noting the CB4 won’t put your other systems at risk. We work blindly without access to any customer or credit card data.


Our value is easily demonstrable.

CB4 is a retail innovation tool for store managers that requires zero maintenance for retail IT teams. This no touch ethos also applies to analyzing and calculating the ROI of our technology. Each of CB4’s recommendations are associated with a specific revenue lift, which is automatically tracked in the app and easily accessible to all stakeholders in real time

If you’re an IT person who wants to understand how it works, or an Operations team member who’s interested in getting IT on board, check out our Technical Overview to learn more.


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