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Proven to create net new sales between .5 to 2%. Correct operational issues with our machine learning software for brick and mortar retail chains.

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Every retail chain experiences operational issues that affect in-store sales. No matter how sophisticated your operations & IT teams, or how motivated your selling floor staff, products are misplaced, promotions are not always executed, and top selling items are left in the stockroom. CB4 can help.

Revolutionize the Way Your Operations Team Executes

By applying patented machine learning, CB4’s software leverages your POS data to detect in-store operational issues affecting items with high local demand, helping your team capture lost sales. This results in better customer experience, higher sales, fewer expensive, time-consuming store walks, and more time focusing on the highest ROI tasks.

"Time is of the essence in the daily operation of a c-store, and so the ability to roll out a program that requires only 15-20 minutes of a store managers' time per week, while potentially generating in excess of 1% same-store sales growth is a relative no-brainer."

Learn How CB4 Works for Operations Teams
  • 0.5% to 2%

    Net New Sales

  • Improve

    Customer Experience

  • Streamline

    Floor Execution

  • Increase

    Store-Level Transparency

IT Teams: From Patterns to Actions

CB4’s patented machine learning software uses your simple POS data and our algorithms to deliver data-driven recommendations to the right team at the right time. For IT teams, this means a strategic focus on the bottom line with complete visibility using our ROI and compliance dashboards.

  • No In-Store Hardware

  • Only POS Data (No Customer Data Required)

  • POC in a Single Day

  • Implementation in Days

"What got us engaged is the fact that we were able to execute a POC with very little disturbance to the day-to-day activities of the operations team. What keeps us an enthusiastic customer is the fact that the CB4 solution provides visibility into the exact impact it has on our store sales. And the impact has been tremendous."

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