iot in retail

IoT in Retail: Changing the Customer Acquisition Landscape

IoT in retail has the ability to complete revolutionize customer acquisition. In the world of retail, customer acquisition holds great importance. Retailers focus a considerable amount of effort in many channels to acquire new customers.  While the cost of customer acquisition continues to rise, and consumers become more fickle, retailers need new tools to attract […]

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retail mobile apps

Retail Mobile Apps: The Case for (and Against)

Retail mobile apps are some of the most visible in-store innovations to customers. Many retailers push these apps through point of sale promotions and glossy television or online ads, encouraging shoppers to download and install the app in order to receive a promotional offer in addition to the potential quality of life improvement of having […]

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AI Assistant

The AI Assistant Revolution Comes to Retail

No longer the stuff of science fiction, AI has forever changed the way we interact with computers. User interface paradigms have evolved to be easier and more intuitive. First, we had text-based command lines which required extensive knowledge of an esoteric vocabulary of jargon and scripting language to use. After that we moved on to […]

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