Demand Patterns vs. Purchasing Patterns: How They’re Different & Why it Matters

There’s a lot of jargon swirling around the retail technology industry, and differentiating terms for the uninitiated can be more than a little confusing, especially when you’re deciding on a solution to keep your business competitive. In this short article, we’ll be focusing on the two most popular terms that refer to wildly different services–‘consumer […]

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Solving Operational Issues in C-Stores

The Challenge of Solving Operational Issues in C-Stores

We’ve all had this experience: we’ve walked into a store intending to buy something, and walked out empty-handed. For simplicity, I’ll call this the empty-handed-exit experience. The reasons for the experience are many. Perhaps we change our mind in the store, because the product just didn’t meet our expectations once we saw it, or we […]

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time-series forecasting challenges

Time-Series Forecasting Challenges

While demand forecasts are never perfect, they are an absolute necessity for most retailers. Good forecasting helps to ensure that retailers can supply the right product at the right time and location, maintain adequate inventory levels while avoiding stock-outs, reduce the chance of obsolete inventory, and improve price and promotion management. Many of the traditional […]

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