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CB4 Announces Partnership with Spanish Supermarket Giant Eroski to Streamline Operational Execution


Eroski, One of Spain’s Leading Grocers with 2,000+ Stores, Will Use CB4 AI to Improve Product Buyability and the In-Store Experience for Customers

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CB4 and Eroski are announcing a partnership to improve store execution and customer experience during Covid-19 and beyond. As a leading supermarket chain in Spain, Eroski understands how important it is to ensure products are available and buyable for customers during the pandemic. A recent CB4 survey showed that because shoppers now view physical retail as a risk, they are 50% more likely to visit a competitor if they can’t buy what they want in a single trip.

“Consistently delivering key products to our customers is our number one priority,” said Alberto Madariaga, Eroski COO. “CB4 showed us how they help grocers do this during the pandemic, when it’s absolutely essential. To add to that, the ability to roll out the program in such a short amount of time was a key factor in our decision. We needed to help our store teams and customers today. Waiting months to roll out a solution wasn’t an option.”

CB4 helps Eroski store managers uncover issues that prevent shoppers from buying products with high local demand in their stores. Store managers then make quick in-store fixes to boost sales of these specific products. Typical fixes include replenishing products left in the stockroom, resolving out-of-stocks, correcting ticketing and pricing errors, and anything else that makes it difficult for shoppers to easily find and purchase what they want.

“Labor was a big issue for retailers before this pandemic hit,” said Yoni Benshaul, CEO of CB4. “The ability to help store teams make a measurable impact in just a few minutes a week‒that also improves customer satisfaction during Covid-19‒that’s really resonated over the last few months. We expect grocers to remain focused on helping their teams work smarter and more efficiently for their customers, which puts CB4 in a great position to help.”

Eroski joins Lidl and Kum & Go as food retailers who have adopted CB4 in their stores over the last month. The technology provider is growing on the strength of its ease of adoption, clear ROI, and use of near-real-time selling data. Leading grocery, convenience, specialty, and apparel retailers, who operate over 18,000 stores combined, have adopted CB4 to improve customer experience and help store teams focus on high impact tasks to increase sales.

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