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CB4 and Road Ranger Announce Partnership to Improve Customer Experience and Sell More Product Chainwide



CB4 helps Road Ranger store teams uncover opportunities to sell more product by making adjustments to availability, visibility, and ticketing for each store’s most in-demand items. 

Road Ranger, based out of Rockford, IL, is bringing CB4’s unique, AI-powered software to their 40+ convenience stores and travel centers throughout seven midwest states. Road Ranger plans to elevate the shopping experience for customers by making the products they love easy to find and buy.

“Having the right products in the right places is one of our most important duties as a retailer,” said Marko Zaro, Road Ranger CEO. “Leveraging CB4’s technology, we are finding we can do an even better job at delivering on this fundamental retail competency.”

Many convenience retailers have reporting tools that try to find opportunities to sell more in their stores. But these tools require a great deal of manual labor and have a poor track record of giving store teams relevant insights as quickly as they need them. CB4’s sophisticated algorithms use simple POS data to alert users to opportunities to act now.

Road Ranger CIO, Jeremie Myhren, has long believed that convenience retailers extract significant value from POS data, but that current technologies leave much of that value untapped. “CB4 is easy to use,” he said. “It takes advantage of the latest technologies surrounding artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect patterns in our sales data that help us identify opportunities to increase sales, on a store by store, week by week basis.”

Convenience store managers use CB4 to find unique opportunities where taking a few minutes to make a simple in-store adjustment will lead to a big boost in sales of a specific product. This includes replenishing products left in the stock room, resolving out-of-stocks, correcting ticketing and pricing errors, and anything else that makes it easy for shoppers to find and purchase what they want

“Every minute a store associate or manager is on the clock affects a retailer’s bottom line. With more on their plates, their time is more valuable than ever,” said Yoni Benshaul, CEO of CB4. “We’re thrilled to see the Road Ranger team using CB4 to do quick, easy things to help their customers and directly impact their bottom line in a meaningful way.”

About CB4 

The New York-based technology firm is quickly making a name for itself amongst brick and mortar retailers for technology that works even in today’s unique conditions. Leading grocery, convenience, specialty and apparel retailers have adopted CB4 in over 2,000 stores.

With offices in New York, Tel Aviv, and London, CB4 is a proud partner of Sequoia Capital and Octopus Ventures. To learn more email 


Matthew McAlister, 347.819.1900

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