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CB4 & Kum and Go Extend Partnership Chainwide to Drive Sales and Improve Customer Experience

 After a successful six-month deployment across half of Kum & Go’s 400 locations, the convenience store giant is rolling out CB4’s AI solution for store teams chainwide. The partnership focuses on improving the in-store experience of Kum & Go shoppers by solving buyability issues that make it difficult for Kum & Go customers to purchase the products they love most. Buyability issues include presentation issues, difficult-to-find products, out-of-stock products and unclear pricing and promotional signs.

“Kum & Go is preparing to move to an all-store rollout of CB4 based on the successes we have found over the first six months,” said Kum & Go VP of Operations, Marty Roush. “We’re seeing measurable sales lift at the item level by identifying operational execution opportunities uniquely tailored to each store.”

The CB4 app alerts Kum & Go store teams when they’re missing out on opportunities to maximize sales for products that local customers want. They check on the product, make a quick fix, and watch new sales roll in as more shoppers leave satisfied. These quick fixes often come down to replenishing products left in the stock room, escalating out of stocks, and correcting ticketing errors. Kum & Go found that just under a quarter of the issues they found with CB4 were related to presentation.

Thanks to CB4’s patented AI and machine learning algorithms, Kum & Go is able to find opportunities every week that BI tools and traditional reporting miss. Because of high retail labor costs and limited store team availability, CB4 alerts users to only the most important opportunities in each store.

“Store associates enjoy using the mobile app to problem solve while investigating the item recommendations,” said Marty Roush. “We give stores four days to capture opportunities by responding to recommendations each week, but most stores get into them right away. This tells us they see how valuable CB4 is in helping them drive their business.”

That value comes from the way CB4 improves the customer experience and facilitates sales. Research shows that shoppers who can’t find what they’re looking for at their regular store are much more willing to switch to a competitor than they were before the pandemic. Convenience store operators can keep customers loyal and win market share by offering an easier and more productive shopping experience.

“It’s impressive to see the Kum & Go operations team execute so fast,” said Yoni Benshaul, CEO of CB4. “In just six months, they deployed weekly sales opportunities to 200+ stores, measured ROI, and laid out plans to reach over 400 stores within weeks.”

About CB4

The New York-based technology firm is quickly making waves in brick-and-mortar retail by rolling out sophisticated technology that’s easy to use. CB4 helps retailers generate new sales by making meaningful corrections to shelf visibility and inventory. Customers like Wakefern, Kum & Go and Circle K have also expanded the service in recent months. Leading grocery, convenience, specialty and apparel retailers have adopted CB4, tripling the number of stores using CB4 from 600 to 1,500 stores in 2020.

With offices in New York, Tel Aviv, and London, CB4 is a proud partner of Sequoia Capital. To learn more about our solution, please visit: or email

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