The 2020 Grocery Store Customer Experience Survey

We surveyed 1,000+ US-based grocery shoppers to see what’s most important to them when they visit the grocery store. The goal was to gain a deep understanding of the conclusions they draw when their needs are not met, and the purchasing decisions they ultimately make based on those impressions.

What’s Inside

Our research provides valuable insights about how factors like convenience, product findability, customer service, price, ease of delivery, and more play into how and where customers decide to shop for groceries. There’s nothing ambiguous about the results.

Our survey provides clarity on where grocers should invest in 2020 to gain greater market share, widen margins, and reduce waste. But given what seem like industry-wide trends toward omnichannel, click-and-collect, and other tech-heavy competencies, the results may not be exactly what you’d imagine.

With IT budgets limited and operations teams covering a wide range of needs across your organization, you’ve got to make some tough calls when it comes to priorities. We hope this report helps you understand what’s nice-to-have vs. need-to-have to fulfill your customers needs in 2020 and beyond.

Download our survey to learn more.