self-driving cars

Self-Driving Cars Are Coming. Is the Convenience Industry Ready?

A future with self-driving cars, also known as autonomous vehicles or “AVs,” seems inevitable. These machines, which leverage advanced cameras, computer vision, and sensors, in place of human inputs to steer automobiles automatically, are poised to change how we travel, where we live, and how we shop. It feels like every day a new headline announces another […]

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loss prevention

4 Cutting-Edge Technologies to Curb C-Store Theft

C-stores have unique challenges that make them ripe for crime. Products are easily accessible. Footprints are small. Many stores have a handful of employees. And many operate around the clock. It’s no wonder, then, that c-stores are popular targets of grab and go or armed robberies. And that doesn’t even take into account casual shoplifting, […]

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nike customer experience

How Nike Slayed 2018, and Takeaways for Fashion Retailers

2018 was a year full of wins for Nike, on the field and off. The brand’s iconic swoosh was ubiquitous at the 2018 World Cup before a television audience of nearly 3.6 billion people—the third-most-viewed television broadcast of all time. By Nike’s count, 60% of the athletes competing in the tournament’s opening round wore Nike […]

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