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Discover how CB4 helps your team capture lost sales by solving persistent floor execution issues through machine learning.

Elevates customer experience

Increases net new sales by 0.5% — 2%

Improves store-level transparency

Requires only basic point of sales data

10 — 20 recommendations per week

Proof of concept in days,
Implementation in 1 week

Improve customer experience

0.2% — 5% increase net new sales

Improve store-level transparency

Only POS data is required

10 — 20 recomm per weel

1 day POC / 1 week implementation

How CB4 Helps

Every retail chain experiences operational issues that affect in-store sales. No matter how sophisticated your operations & IT teams, or how motivated your selling floor staff, products are misplaced, promotions are not always executed, and top selling items are left in the stockroom.

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