3 Reasons Why Gamification Is Everything in Retail Technology

retail gamification

Gamification applies common game elements to non-game situations. Think competition, rules, points, and rewards. Gamification also brings out humans’ natural […]

9 Ways to Train Your Retail Store Staff… For Real

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If you think you’ve already given your store’s employees all the retail training they need, think again.  Chances are, your […]

Retail Store Audits: Pitfalls to Avoid Before, During, & After Your Audit

store audits

Retail store audits. For many stores, they are akin to taking your vehicle for a tune up. The technician uses […]

The Very Hungry Carter-pillar: How Carter’s Ate Up the Competition


Kids’ apparel has been a tricky vertical to nail for many retailers. Previously successful brands such as Babies R Us, […]

5 Amazing Tales of Apparel Retail Comebacks

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The retail world is littered with doom and gloom stories. It seems like every week there’s another retailer that has […]

Retail Bankruptcies of 2019: Lessons Learned from Forever 21, Gymboree, & More

retail bankruptcies

Bankruptcy. It’s not pretty, but it happens. And in the retail world, it seems like there’s another company filing for […]

6 Ways to Enhance Your Retail Hiring and Onboarding Processes

store training

The performance of your retail business largely depends on your staff. Yes, great systems and technologies are essential, but it’s […]

7 Tips to Supercharge Your Retail Influencer Strategy

influencer strategy

Social media influencers have taken the marketing world by storm. They’ve challenged traditional advertising practices that typically involve celebrity endorsements, […]

Retailers are Joining the Rental Economy. Who Will End Up on Top?

rental economy

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed an interesting change in consumer behavior: a growing number of shoppers […]

5 Tech Innovations Responsible for H&M’s Turnaround

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A little less than a year ago, H&M was grappling with a number of issues that diminished the retail experience […]