In-Store Consumer Behavior Analysis

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Revolutionizing retail is as easy as 1-2-3

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    Upload your POS data to CB4's pattern-recognition software to generate recommendations across your entire chain.

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    Recommendations are delivered to your store managers via our mobile or desktop app to correct operational inefficiencies in stores.

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    ROI dashboards give you transparency into how much CB4 has helped your stores and how much you can expect to earn over the fiscal year.

From Patterns to Recommendations

CB4's patented machine-learning engine and advanced data compression
algorithms detect hidden consumer demand patterns in sales and inventory data sets.

These patterns are used as dynamic benchmarks that accurately predict expected demand at a SKU-in-store level.

Capitalize on operational opportunities

When a SKU fails to meet its expected local demand at a store, the software automatically sends a recommendation to store managers and supervisors that helps them identify and fix a variety of operational issues which are hindering sales.

Further localize your assortment

If a SKU is not currently offered in a store where high local demand is present, the software automatically sends a recommendation to the appropriate merchandising team to add that item into the store's planogram.

Jerry Westgate President, Wesco

"CB4 really understood our business goals. They are not simply a software company, but a partner in our success at Wesco. The execution of the operational and merchandising recommendations from CB4 has resulted in significant new sales gain."

Katharine Castro Chief Strategy Officer

"Time is of the essence in the daily operation of a c-store and so the ability to roll out a program that requires only 10-15 minutes of the manager's time per week, while potentially generating in excess of 1% same-store sales growth, is a relative no-brainer."

Itzik Uzana CEO, ACE Hardware

"What got us engaged is the fact that we were able to execute a POC with very little disturbance to the day-to-day activities of the operations team. What keeps us an enthusiastic customer is the fact that the CB4 solution provides visibility into the exact impact it has on our store sales. And the impact has been tremendous."

Charlie Edwards COO, Quik Mart

"CB4 leverages our own sales data to generate operational and merchandising insights that we could never achieve on our own. We could task several highly-paid individuals in our company to go around full-time and audit our items, or we can rely on CB4 to do the hard work for us, for far less cost. So that's what we've done!"

Brian Adam Category Manager, Redwood Markets

"CB4 detected a top-selling item had been mistakenly cut from one of our beer sets. The craziest part is that this happened over a year ago! Using only data from the last 90 days and without knowing it had sold well in our stores, CB4 inferred it belonged in the set. Our whole management team is very impressed. CB4 is a winner."

Jeff Heinen Co-President, Heinen's

"When CB4 showed us their first set of opportunities, we discovered numerous operational decisions affecting our product availability. Implementing the solution is a quick and strategic win. We will be working smarter to improve the shopper experience, driving higher sales."

Doug McDonald Director of Operations

"Right out of the gate, CB4 helped identify issues with our displays that were affecting sales. What I like about CB4's solution is that it allows maximum results with minimum investment. By focusing on operational issues that affect products with high local demand, we can send only a few recommendations a week per store, but still have a significant impact on sales."

  • No hardware installation at stores

  • Uses simple point-of-sale data

  • Proof of concept in 24 hours

  • Implementation in a single day

CB4 recommendations highlight SKUs whose sales are affected by operational issues such as on-shelf visibility, out-of-stocks, mislabeling, etc.

Managers can review the responses and lost sales recovered on mobile or web based dashboards.

The average time spent per manager to implement CB4's recommendations is just 20 minutes per iteration.

Learn more about how CB4's patented machine-learning algorithm processes data and deploys recommendations.


Discover how rapid pattern detection can revolutionize your operations team

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